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Six advantages why you should choose Webking

Industry leader

We at Webking create industry-leading solutions for our customers. For example: project with our customer Prison and Probation Service website that was named one of Sweden’s top 100 sites in the Internet World 2015 Top 100 is an example of our solutions are at the forefront and is an industry leader.

Certified specialists

We are experts in our field. To maintain our competence we look to be certified in the latest technologies of Microsoft systems and architecture. and certified project manager in the popular systems development methodology SCRUM.

Implementing ideas

We use all our experience and knowledge to develop your idea into a finished application, to introduce yourself and your idea / product in an innovative way for your customers.

Award-winning solutions

Together with our customers we create award winning solutions. Like for example. with our customer Probation Service where we proudly titled ourselves as winners in Optimizelys Episerver Awards 2014. The prestigious award, which honors successful and inspiring projects, websites and technical solutions built on the Optimizelys own EPiServer platform.

Competitive solutions

With an efficient application, you increase your competitive edge, whether it’s a website, online shop or a reservation. We help you develop an application to introduce yourself and your services/products in an efficient and innovative way for your customers.

Achieving business goals

To create a good application, we identify your business goals and design an appropriate strategy to achieve those objectives.

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