The environmental policy should reflect Webkings vision and ambition in the environmental field and is the fundamental part of the environmental management system. Here are Webkings new environmental policy, adopted 2015.

Webking should be an environmentally conscious company where consideration for the environment will characterize our business and become a natural part of our work. We will engage actively in environmental work that is characterized by continuous improvement and that contributes to sustainable development. This we will realize by:

  • Reduce the use of natural resources, by conserving energy, using renewable energy sources and natural resources, and minimize the generation of waste.
  • At each purchase strive to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transport and business travel by taking advantage of modern communication and use of public transport.
  • Involve employees and partners in environmental work, and ensure that staff have the knowledge in the environmental field.
  • Follow the environmental laws and other environmental demands that the business are affected by.

Environmental goals

Here you can read about the objectives and targets as Webking will focus on the next three years. In the areas of energy, waste, food, transport and business travel, as well as purchasing and procurement objectives and targets established.

Environmental targets and associated action plans are Webkings contribution to meeting Sweden’s environmental quality objectives, which shall be benchmarks for the entire Swedish environmental work.

The overall environmental targets apply for 2015 to 2018.



Webking should be an energyefficient business, which means that the consumption of electricity, heat and water will reduce.


Webking should minimize the amount of waste, and sort and recycle as much waste as possible.


Webking will reduce the amount of food discarded and increase the share of organic products.

Transport and business travel

Webking will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport and business travel.

Purchasing and procurement

Webking will increase the number of purchases where environmental requirements are set.