22 March, 2016

New website with CMS published to Boat barn i Gastrikland

Design and development of boat barns website batladan.nu  into a modern mobile friendly and responsive website.

The website is developed with a responsive design which means that the layout of the site is automatically adjusted based on which device / platform the visitor is using. This responsive design has proven to be a recipe for success that generates more visitors.

Content on the new site shows among other things up boat barns product range of boats, motors and trailers with detailed photos, videos, and other interesting information for visitors.

Janne Backman Båtladan i Gästrikland

We are very pleased with the results and have received positive feedback from both our customers and suppliers. It is a good sign that we are heading in the right direction when it comes to the content on the new website.

Janne Backman - CEO & Founder Båtladan i Gästrikland
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