Inside – website for children with parents in custody, prison or in private homes.

Design, development and sub-project management of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service new site Inside

The primary target group for Inside is the more than 30,000 children who have a parent in the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. Others who benefit from the Inside are parents outside, other relatives, schools or adults who want to access readily accessible information presented with movies, images and sounds.

Roles in the project

Webkings roles in the project has been web developer, web designer and sub-project leader.


Elin Runesson

Robert at Webking has a broad knowledge of current trends, techniques and solutions. His ability to see the whole, find solutions and offer support from idea to finished product has been invaluable in the development of Inside. The commitment and responsibility of Webking has been great and the work has resulted in a product we are very proud of.

Elin Runesson - Project manager Kriminalvården

Project Info

Released: 2017-04-24

Technique: Episerver 10, Responsiv webdesign, One Page Design, CSS3, HTML5, Babel, JavaScript, mvc, c# ,ms sql