Prison and probation Service website

Prison and Probation Service website

Design and development of prison and probation service website to a newer and more modern website. It should now be easier to find information tailored for those who are sentenced to punishment, relatives or want to apply for a job at the prison and probation service.

Behind the launch of prison and probation service website lies an analysis of who the prison service’s primary target groups are, what people need to know and how they search for this information. Each primary target group has got a private entrance and public information is structured according to what correctional already know that visitors are looking for. Examples of target inputs are treatment and care, research and statistics.

Episerver Awards 2014 winner

Winner of the best web public sector EPiServer/Optimizely Awards 2014 is a site that appeals to both the brain and heart. With fingertip feeling the winner has succeeded in describing its business with great warmth even if it is often associated with something completely different. A coherent imagery helps to talk about the business and their tasks. With clear target groups entrances you get answer on your most important questions, and it is easy to see how to get support in a difficult situation. A captivating site you want to stay on.


Prison and probation service website is based on the content management system EPiServer CMS 9, Media Asset Management System ImageVault and search engine Find 8.

Roles in the project

Webkings roles in the project has been web developer, system architect and agile coach with scrum master’s responsibility.


Helen Jorpes

We are very pleased with the result and it is great that we even won awards for the best web in the public sector with the new website. It is a confirmation that we are heading in the right direction in terms of content and ease of use.

Helen Jorpes - Web editor and project manager


Released: 2014-09-26

Technique: EpiServer 9, Imagevault 4, Find 8, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, MS SQL Server 2012, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, RWD (Responsive Web Design), WCF, Visual Studio 2013, TDD, TFS 2013, Azure,, application insight, Photoshop.