1 September, 2020

Search engine optimizing with our checklist and get more visitors

Can I search engine optimization?

Indeed you can. Much of what search engines are looking for is available in your content on your website and the content can you hopefully update yourself. What is needed is a little time, dedication, and basic knowledge of what search engines are looking for.

Search Engine Optimize your website from the beginning
The natural way to ensure that a website ranks high in search engine result lists, is to search engine optimize the website right from the start. That is making the website as readable as possible for the search engines, namely to make it searchable. We achieve this by ensuring that your website is built in a search engine friendly manner according to our checklist below.

Checklist on how to search engine optimize!

Content is king

What you write about in the body text and content search engines take into serious consideration. Make sure the keyword you are optimizing the page for is found in the title, sub-headings, body text, meta tags for images and the page url. The minimum number of recommended word to use is 300st.

Search keyword

Use words and terms that you think your visitors are using when they are looking for. According to recommendations from Google to the density of chosen keywords should be between 0.5% and 2.5% of the total text content. Try to avoid having multiple pages on the website that focuses on the same keyword, you then compete internally about which page is most important keyword. Decide which page is the most important to the keyword you are focusing on.


At the top of the browser title bar, you will find the page name, title. It is also used as the main title in the search results on Google and other search engines. Make sure that the title tag contains the keyword you focused on the the page. Recommended number of characters in the title should be somewhere between 40 and a maximum of 70 characters.


Search engines value the headings higher than the body text. If the search engine finds a header that complies with a search phrase, the higher the page rank. Make sure to have your keywords you are focusing the page on the beginning of headlines.

Meta tags

Meta-information is the non-visible part of a web page that has the task to inform the search engines about what the website is about. There is on meta-tag that you need to put effort on and it’s Meta Description.

Meta Description should summarize what the website is about and reflect who the sender is. Write it selling. One should stick to a certain amount of text (from 150 up to 320 characters) that is visible to the search engines and their users. Google uses the meta description as the description of the clickable title in the results list, which meant that nowadays it is very important how this is formulated to attract visitors. Search engines also places emphasis on whether the keyword that permeates the web page content is represented in the meta description.


In and outgoing links is an important part if you want to end up higher in the search engines. A page that many other web sites link to, is ranked higher in the search engines.

Domain name

Make use of smart and simple domain name that is easily remembered. It is advantageous if the domain name contains the name of your products or services.

Search engine advertising

A complement to optimize your site for search engines is also advertising with them. Google Adwords is an example of search engine advertising that we believe can generate traffic and profits for your website.

Register home page

Register your website in the search engines and directory services. There are many of these but it is well and good that you choose the most important. Remember that only submitting your site once each search engine, otherwise you risk being expelled from their index.

Search engines
Register Google homepage
Register home page of bing
egister website at Yahoo

Correct HTML code

Best way to achieve high search results is to build the website according to the current web standards. According to current web standards should not tables be used for layout purposes and frames should be avoided altogether. Instead, should the framework for the design to be built entirely in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

Avoid flash

Flash should only be used as individual objects on a website and then only for images and animations, never for text. Texts that are created in Flash, are not indexed at all by the search engines and there will be a much tougher task to really get into the search engines.

Hire the right web design agency

If you get it right from the beginning, everything becomes easier. If your website is built according to web standards and follows the guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the W3C, the site will have better opportunities appear in search engines and generate more visitors.

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