All content management systems do not have the same opportunities to get you to succeed on the web. In EPiServer editors and marketers can create content while experiencing exactly what it looks like for the visitor, regardless of screen or context.

In the new interface for EPiServer you see exactly what you need. Neither more nor less. The combination of a super-easy interface to create content and powerful marketing tool, allows editors and marketers have better control than ever over their communications.

A CMS created to deliver experiences in a mobile world

Every function in EPiServer is designed to make it as easy as possible to create and market content in a mobile world. In our interface, it is just as natural to work with the cell phone in the city center, the computer center. By also focusing on mobiles and tablets, you can be creative, work faster and give your clients an engaging experience, no matter where you meet.

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How EPiServer helps you succeed on the web


Create content directly on page and see your experiences emerge, just as your visitors would see them.

Mobile devices and screens

Work with any screen in the center, with all the functionality available. Switch between the phone, tablet and computer with a single click and continue to edit from there.

Drag and drop

Working with content in a consistent way. Drag and drop blocks, media, forms, films or pages to the area you want and they adapt automatically.


Automatic layout management gives editors the power to display the information the way they want to without departing from the graphic profile.


Work with quality control for approval before content is published by using workflows. You can put up rights and define who can create, view or modify content on your website.

Statistics and analysis

Google Analytics for EPiServer is integrated with EPiServer CMS. When using the solution you get the important analytical information presented next to the content directly.

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