Since 2005 Webking associated knowledge, commitment and creativity to maximize customer value. If you hire Webking get a socially competent partner who see new perspectives, find alternative solutions and take responsibility for the end result.

Webking can both act as a driving project manager or as a subcontractor in large projects. We have extensive experience and proven expertise in system development in Microsoft environment. When necessary, we use our well-functioning network with strong partners to meet your wishes.

Business idea

As specialists in web development, systems development, business intelligence and app development for mobile devices, we want to supply the expertise that our clients lack. And in close collaboration with our customers, helping them to increase their competitiveness and profitability.


Our vision is to combine the expertise, commitment and creativity with modern technology and therefore we will:

Create high-quality results for our clients.

Inspire and develop others by being a creative and committed team player.

Work with clients who need help within Agile development projects where the quality is high in focus.

Working as developer, architect or a scrum master, responsible for driving development forward at a fast pace, where the outcome is always in focus.


Short story about Webking

Mars 2015

Qualify at Internet World Top 100

Topp 100

We at Webking are particularly happy that our project with and customer Prison and Probation Service is one of five finalists in this year’s Top 100 category Authorities.

Februari 2015

10 years

Celebrates its 10th anniversary.

November 2014

Episerver Awards 2014

Kriminalvården webbplats bästa webb offentlig sektor: Kriminalvården, med partner Webking
Together with our customer Prison and Probation Service we can proudly stipulate ourselves as winners in Optimizelys EPiServer Awards 2014. The prestigious award, which honors successful and inspiring projects, websites and technical solutions built on Optimizelys EPiServer platform.

Juni 2013

AA Good credit worthiness

god kredivärdighet aa

With an annual crossing 100000 USD in turnover and a profit margin of ~ 25% and 58% equity ratio, we pass the limit to be considered as having good creditworthiness by the credit institutions.

Februari 2005

Limited company

Become a limited company and a board appointed. Robert Jansz will assume the role of CEO and chairman.

Februari 2002


Founded as a private firm of Robert Jansz.


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