Webking’s no big anonymous consulting firm with an unknown person. Webking owned and operated by Robert Jansz. It is Robert who is your personal guarantee of high quality of the services you buy. Through collaboration with other qualified consultants, we have the flexibility to execute large and complex projects. You can be absolutely sure that Webking have a very high level of ambition, are attentive to your needs and deliver professional solutions in a friendly cooperation with the customer benefit.

Through cooperation with other qualified consultants, we have the flexibility to implement large and complex projects.


Robert Jansz
Robert Jansz
Web developer and solution architect, founder of Webking AB
Robert is explicitly dedicated and shows a strong driving force to get things done. He is a role model as a consultant and his combination between being business minded, his technical knowledge and humility makes him unique. Robert is an entrepreneur who makes the complicated seen simple, and he creates security to his clients. He inspires with his aspiration to always deliver the best - he sees new perspectives and alternative solutions and adds invaluable knowledge.
Johan de Groot
Johan de Groot
Web and app developer
Johan is a driven, organized and committed guy who is passionate about development and IT. Johan has a great interest in app and web development and is happy to work with programming languages ​​such as React Native, React.js, Angular.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3 and more. Johan also has a strong interest in UI / UX, as well as user-centered development and design. This is also reflected in Johan's personality. Quality and functionality are the focus of everything he does.
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