Multilingual website with reservation system launched for Svino Stugby Sea Villas & Lodges

We have designed and developed the Svino Stugbys new website to a modern mobile friendly and responsive website.

On the website you will find accommodation, activities, information and images that visitors might be interested in during your holiday stay in Åland.

The new website also has integration with online reservation system Sirvoy, the visitor can check vacant accommodation and book and pay for their stay in a convenient and easy way online.

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Episerver CMS 9 – Blocks and block types

In this course we are going to focus on developing blocks and block types in Episerver CMS. Before we dive in on the blocks and block types I would like to give a short summary to why episerver cms is so popular and why you should use it. By working with blocks in episerver you create content once and can then reuse it on as many pages you want, its a very easy and efficient way to maintain a bigger website with hundreds or even thousand of pages with a lot of content that is common.

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Internet World Top 100: one of the five best authorities on the web in 2016

For the second year in a row Prison and Probation Service website steps in to Internet World Top 100 list of Sweden's best sites, we at Webking are extra proud and delighted to have been involved in the project and development of the Prison and Probation Service website. In the next year will Prison and Probation Service [...]
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Episerver CMS 9 tutorial with mvc 5 twitter bootstrap part 2

This is part 2 of an EPiServer CMS 9 tutorial with mvc 5 twitter bootstrap with Robert from Webking. In this part, we will continue where we left off in Part 1 and go through how to set up the bootstrap, jquery, etc., and create your first page type with its own characteristics and master page design, and finally checking into the source code to github.

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How to prevent visitors leave your website because of long wait times

Speed is an important factor when developing a website. A visitor who must wait several seconds for a slow website loads often get tired and leave the site in frustration. By speeding up the speed of the site, so it is perceived and executed more rapidly, you can avoid your visitors to leave it.

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WordPress domain and url change sql script

If you have ever moved your WordPress installation between different domains and environments it may be good to be able to easily change the domain and url wordpress installation is connected to. With the SQL script here beside you can easily loop through the database tables and change the URL you have your wordpress installation [...]
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