The use of mobile applications is rapidly increasing. 2014 was the year when more people were surfing via mobile phones than via PC, while expected commerce through the mobile phones exceed $ 1 billion in 2015th

It is time to create a mobile strategy for your business. To create a good mobile application, we identify your business goals and design an appropriate strategy to achieve those objectives.

Webking help you develop your idea. We use all of our experience and knowledge to develop an application that makes best use of the functionality that is available on the mobile devices, in order to introduce you and your idea / product in a fun and innovative way for your customers.

Native applikation

We help you develop an app for one or more specific platforms. Native applications are installed directly on the device and a big advantage is that you can more easily utilize the device’s built-in GPS, 3G / GPRS, Camera, Gyro etc.

Web Application

We are also developing web based mobile apps. Web applications are adapted for small screens, using different frameworks for CSS and JavaScript, you can get web applications that resemble and behave like native applications. Web applications are easier to develop and is also faster to reach out to the target audience.

App development

App development is the knowledge of being able to develop effective mobile applications from back-end to front-end. With our expertise and experience in app development, we help you identify how an app can supplement your existing presence or creating an app as the primary product for your business.

App development and the app should be adapted to your strategy and how the customer segments look. Should I just want an iPhone app or should you cover the full range with an iPhone, Windows and Android app?

Web Application

Just as it sounds, is a web application, a web-based mobile app. The web pages are designed for small screens and using different frameworks for CSS and JavaScript, you can get web applications that resemble and behave like native applications. Web applications are easier to develop, which allows you to quickly reach the target audience. When the web application are published on the Internet it is accessible to everyone. One drawback is that the user experience suffers because the device and the web application needs to be connected to the Internet to function. Although support for hardware-based features like GPS, camera and gyro is limited to use through the a web application compared to that of a native application.

Native application

En native applikation är en app som är utvecklad för en specifik plattform, exempelvis iOS eller Android och den installeras direkt på enheten (smartphone, pekplatta). En stor fördel är att man enklare kan utnyttja enhetens inbyggda funktioner för GPS, 3G/GPRS, kamera, gyro, etc. Detta medför ett snyggare gränssnitt och högre prestanda, eftersom applikationen körs direkt i enheten och hårdvaran nyttjas fullt ut. If you have a wide audience, it is a disadvantage that you have to create multiple versions of the same application in order to reach the entire target group. There are solutions for this, such as PhoneGap allows to develop its application once and then generated applications for their platform in native format. A further advantage of native applications is that the distribution and updates are controlled through the market channels for their platform. It makes it easier for users to find the application and update it if necessary.

Examples of completed app development project