System development is much more than components and code. To be a skilled software developer it is required to be well aware of the business, who will be using the system and in what context it is used.

Whether you need to further develop a system or build new ones, we have the knowledge to develop effective and user-friendly systems from back-end to front-end.

Webking create everything from simple client applications to large server-based systems according to your wishes and needs. We help you with system development, from idea to finished product.

System development, we can help you with

Client applications

We design client applications according to your wishes and needs.

Integration applications

We help you develop integrated solutions where your existing business systems can communicate and pass data between different systems.


We develop generic data service layer that allows external systems and vendors to access the data in your existing systems.

System development

Good system development is the knowledge of being able to develop effective and user-friendly systems from back-end to front-end. From simple client applications to complex client / server-based systems where several simultaneously using the system. Today requirements on systems demand that they are able to communicate regardless of the technology (computer, smartphone, touchpad, web browser) to the user.

We have years of experience in complex systems development projects for large enterprises and government agencies and we are certificated technical specialists in systems based on Microsoft .NET front-end and back-end solutions.

New development

If there is a complete specification we use it, otherwise we’ll start with pre-study and together with you we create a solution proposal. A project manager leads and ensures that delivery takes place at the right time and at the right cost.

Further Development / Management

Conditions change, business development and technological development never stands still. Therefore, we see further development as a normal state of an IT system. For management, we also expect support, monitoring and supervision of the system in use.

Examples of completed system development projects