With an effective website, you increase your competitiveness, whether it’s a website, online shop or a reservation system. You are available to customers with your information 24/7 365 days a year. You can increasingly provide service to your customers, give information and speed up the buying process or even conduct your business through the site.

We help you develop your idea and will develop a website to introduce yourself and your services/products in an efficient and innovative way for your customers.

Webking have the knowledge to build effective web solutions for front-end and back-end. By choosing the right technologies at the right place, we are building a website with a user interface to meet your customers’ needs and are easy to maintain.

Web applications

We develop web-based applications according to your wishes and needs. Document management, case management and booking system are a few examples.


We will help you create an attractive website with a CMS (content management system) so you can easily maintain it by your self.


We develop efficient e-commerce solutions with payment options in the form of credit cards, sms and electronic invoices.

Web design

We tailor a modern web design with superior user experience and the color and design that reflects the company’s graphic profile.

Web development

Web development is the knowledge of being able to develop effective web solutions, from backend to frontend. As more and more users demand greater real-time web and user experience will the frontend part be more important of web development. Webking are experts in web development based on modern technologies like HTML5, responsive webbdesing and backend solutions based on Microsoft .net framework asp.net.

Mobile custom web development

Responsive webdesign is at all web developers lips. To automatically personalize a web page layout based on what device or platform the visitor use has proven to be a recipe for success that generates more visitors.

The mobile surfing has exploded in recent years and trends indicate that more and more web traffic is made via mobile devices (smartphone, tablets) than through computers. These visitors do not accept a slimmed-down mobile version of your site, or a version adapted for a computer where the constant need to zoom in and out. Webking help you build a site that visitors can utilize fully, without having to pick up the computer.

Platforms for web publishing

Today it is obvious that a website should have a web publishing system (also known as CMS, Content Management). However, it is not always given what system that suits your needs. We at Webking always recommend the best system that supports you.

The right system for you

We work with the most common web publishing systems on the market. For public websites and intranets in need of language support, personalization and integration with underlying systems, we generally use to recommend EPiServer, by Optimizely. Other CMS that we like are WordPress, it’s an affordable option unless the requirements are to high on the site.


We are skilled in new technologies that today are mentioned as HTML5. We have long experience of advanced interfaces built in JavaScript, CSS and HTML as well as expertise in the new opportunities HTML5 and CSS3 provides.
To effectively create websites and web applications we use, for an example tools and frameworks like bootstrap. The bootstrap contains the HTML and CSS templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components. Bootstrap also contains CSS templates for responsive sites.

Examples of completed web development projects